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Water Barrel Package

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Prepare for the unexpected with our Emergency Water Barrel Package. In the event of a disaster, you may find yourself cut off from municipal water supplies. Our package is your solution for long-term water storage, ensuring that you'll have the water you need for drinking, cooking, and hygiene. Easy to set up, with a how-to video included, this kit is a household essential for peace of mind.

Each package secures a 55-gallon supply of clean, safe water, meeting the recommended guidelines for at least a 14-day reserve for your family or a sufficient supply for 50 people at your workplace. Don't just survive; thrive with the assurance of a reliable water backup.

The Emergency Water Barrel Package is cost-effective, with a five-year shelf life for stored water, thanks to our EPA-approved treatments. It includes a user-friendly hand pump and a comprehensive guide on practical preparedness. Ensure your family's safety and your business's continuity with a secure water plan.

Watch the video below on how to store safe drinking water for long term.

For the Family: 1 Water Barrel Package is recommended for each household.

A 3-day supply of drinking water is not enough, plan for at least 14 days. You will need water not only for drinking, but also for cooking, cleaning, and sanitation. This water barrel will provide you with 55 gals. of clean safe water.

Having a backup water supply will make a huge difference in determining whether you are a victim or a survivor in a disaster.

Find out all the recommended supplies for your family and download your free report for a realistic and practical preparedness guide. Click Here.

For School/Large Business Site: 1 Water Barrel is recommended for every 50 persons at your site.

An emergency supply of water and food at work is for your employees welfare, they might sheltering stay at work for a few days if there job is necessary for the business recovery or there are problems with transportation. Single water pouches may be handy for easy distribution, but they are not economical for bulk water storage.

Generate the ideal team structure and recommended supplies for your school/site. Use our Disaster Preparedness Calculator here.

Save money with our Emergency Water Barrel package that includes a 55 gallon Water Storage Barrel with a Water Barrel Hand Pump that adjusts to 4 or 8 oz. per stroke. The Hand Pump has tubes that snap together to reach the bottom of the barrel for complete use of all your stored emergency water. Also included is a Water Preserver treatment that is EPA approved and provides a five year storage life (creates sterile water) and a Bung Wrench to loosen and tighten the caps to create an airtight environment.

Water storage costs for the 55 gallon barrel package is $2.03 per gallon for the first fill. Over 5 years those costs only average out $22.40 per year. The second 5 years your cost per gallon is only $0.23 cents per gallon to refill (the cost of the water preserver). That is less than $0.05 cents per year for the next 5 years. Now that is cost effective water storage.

For Emergency Water Storage, be prepared to store at least one gallon per person, per day. Plan on 3-5 days of water for earthquake preparedness at work (home 2 weeks). Damage to the local water system infrastructures will be significant. Water is the one thing you can't fake. Plan for food preparation, hygiene, drinking, first aid when calculating your needs.

Here's a quick and complete guide on how to safely store water long term

Items you need to safely store water long term:

1. NEW Water Barrel or other containers that are made from High-Density Polyethylene. You will know this by the markings of the barrel HDPE, stands High-Density Polyethylene, for with the #2 with the recycle symbol at the bottom of the container.

2. Drinking Water Hose. You can get this in a store like Walmart

3. You also need to get a Water Barrel Hand Pump for easy distribution of water.

4. Barrel Bung Wrench to open and seal your barrel.

5. Water Preserver Concentrate. This is the first and only product accepted and proven safe for 5-year water storage. It’s proven effective in over 12 years of testing and use. It’s also recognized by the EPA. Its Proprietary formula and strict laboratory analysis insure potency. Water Preserver™ kills, and prevents the re-growth of Coliform bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms for 5 years, when used as directed. Water Preserver™ kills the pathogenic organisms responsible for typhoid, dysentery and other serious diseases, and also kills and prevents growth of yeast, mold, fungi and algae which also make water undrinkable.


1. Rinse the barrel
2. Add 5 Gallons of Water
3. Add all the Water Preserver Concentrate
4. Close the Caps Loosely
5. Slosh mixture to sanitize the barrel and threads
6. Continue to fill the barrel within 2-3" from the top
7. Tighten the caps using your bung wrench
8. Mark the date when you fill it.

For more information read our article on "How To Store Water"

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