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Family Disaster Survival Kit

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A realistic and practical solution to real-world disasters.

Our Family Survival Kit for the home is the perfect 72 hour Disaster Grab and Go bag for earthquake preparedness for the family. This kit should store in your bedroom to have your disaster preparedness supplies at your fingertips when you are most vulnerable.

It's perfect for sheltering in place or for evacuation. It includes serious first aid supplies, a pry bar (for those jammed doors following the Big One) that also doubles as a gas shut off tool, sterile drinking water, food, and lights. The food and water are enough for 4 persons for 3 days and has a shelf life of 5 years.

1 Family Survival Kit is recommended for each household. 

We also recommend that you prepare for additional water storage, besides drinking, you will need water for cleaning, cooking, and hygiene.

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This emergency Family Survival Kit is packed with same first aid supplies as in the ''Real'' First Aid kit. Medical supplies that can make a real difference in a real disaster. From trauma dressings to burn gel and paramedic scissors. So you can provide immediate quality care to your family following an earthquake.

Concerned about being trapped in your bedroom by a door that has jammed following an earthquake? Our solution is to pack a 15-inch pry bar in every Family Disaster Survival kit to enable you to quickly pry open any jammed door to quickly reach your family. This pry bar also pulls double duty as a gas meter shut off tool.  Our survival kit even includes a crank radio/flashlight that will also charge your cell phone and provides light and radio to get accurate updates on the disaster. 

Our home first aid kit is custom and well thought out by disaster preparedness expert Captain Wayne Bennett. It includes trauma dressings, cardboard splint, 4x4 gauze pads, emergency thermal blankets and more. Of course, the Family Survival Kit comes with four high energy Food Bars, each with 2400 calories providing each family member with 800 calories of food per day for proper energy and nutrition. This food bar is also non-thirst provoking and has a shelf life of five years. Thirty-six pouches of sterile drinking water are also included that also has a 5 yr. shelf life.

TIP! Avoid storing your Earthquake Supplies in the garage. In an earthquake, it could become one of the most difficult places to get back into. Because there are only 3 walls, the garage is usually the weakest part of your home. This lack of strength leaves your emergency gear very vulnerable. This very affordable 72 hour Emergency Family kit comes with 125 items including American made 5 years Food and Water, Flashlight, Dynamo Crank Radio/flashlight, Pry Bar, First Aid Supplies, Sanitation, Utility Shut Off Tool and more. See complete list below.

Earthquake Kit For Family - Disaster Survival Family Kit

Family Emergency Home First Aid Kit Key Features:

  • Compact, 20 inch Cordura bag with handles and shoulder strap
  • Includes shoulder and hand straps enough to be a true "Grab & Go" bag
  • Five year Food & Water for a family of four
  • Includes best first aid kit on the market
  • Only Family Survival Kit comes with both pry bar and gas shut off tool

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