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Family Earthquake Kits and Emergency Supplies

The Family Disaster Survival Kit has everything you need, it has first aid, drinking water, food, utility tool and lights. Store this in your bedroom and you're all set. Next is to get more water stored, while the Family Disaster Survival Kit already has 3-days worth of drinking water, it is recommended that you plan for at least 14 days. AND you will also need water not only for drinking, but also for cooking, cleaning, and sanitation, so a Water Barrel Package will provide you with 55 gals. of clean safe water for 5 years. You should also consider getting a Sanitation Kit in case of water and sewer lines problems.

You don't want to get caught unprepared while at the road, so a Car Survival Kit and Car Window Breaker> for each of your cars is highly recommended. If you've got pets, the Pet Survival Kit is another great addition to your earthquake preparedness.

If you have more than 4 people in your home, you can use the Family Calculator to get the ideal supplies for your family.

High-quality supplies. All the contents that we put in our kits are top-quality, American-standard products.

FDA approved and meets OSHA, ANSI standards. Each emergency kit was professionally customized and designed by Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.), an American Heart Association instructor, 28 yrs.,  National Safety Council first aid, CERT, and FEMA. A veteran of the fire service for 33 yrs.

Trusted Supplier for more than 30 Years. 5-star customer service and consistency in providing high-quality products set us apart from others.

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