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Disaster Response Training For Schools

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Modules: Light Urban Search & Rescue, Triage, Disaster First Aid, and Fire/Utility Control

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To book a class call us at 760-628-5987

We provide on-site training throughout the Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego, High Desert, Los Angeles, San Gabriel and Palm Desert areas.

We are located in southern California and have trained hundreds of schools and businesses over our 28 years in business. These are no-nonsense disaster training workshops packed with valuable information that will prepare your employees to save lives. It is called "Disaster Survival Skills" and is aimed at training your rescue teams the basics of dealing with a major disaster such as an earthquake. Included are the latest techniques and practices of professional rescuers focused on saving lives while providing everyone with...real world solutions.

Are you responsible for disaster preparedness plans at your site? Do you have the responsibility for purchasing disaster preparedness supplies? Is your Disaster Plan still based on 1991 concepts?

Let us give you the latest information and disaster training along with our workbook to take your sites disaster preparedness plan to the next level. Don’t allow your staff to be assigned to teams one more day without our lifesaving training. Everyone’s safety depends on it. Give your staff the skills and the confidence to carry out the plan.

Our one-day classes cover all the following modules; Evacuation and Search & Rescue, Triage to Disaster First Aid and Fire Extinguishment/Utility Control.

You may choose any combination of modules to satisfy your training needs.

  • LIGHT URBAN SEARCH & RESCUE - training is based on past disasters where the majority of rescues were of a light nature. These rescues were accomplished within the first hours of a disaster. Only a few of the rescues required specialized Heavy Rescue Teams. Having on site personnel trained in Light Urban Search & Rescue will enable employees to form rescue teams using the Incident Command System (ICS),Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS). Search with the latest techniques and use forcible entry skills to gain access to victims. Learn the proper methods for removal of trapped and non-trapped victims using various lifts and carries. Safety is a priority and is stressed throughout the training.
  • TRIAGE- will provide your employees with the skills to manage the overwhelming number of injured victims you may be confronted with after a large scale disaster. How will you decide who to treat? What injuries are the most important? How will you manage the chaos? As part of our one day workshop you will learn how to manage this seemingly impossible scene by using a system called Triage, from the French word meaning “to sort”. This system is used today by our paramedics and firefighters to sort victims and prioritize their treatment during mass casualty incidents. These very same skills can work for you.
  • DISASTER FIRST AID- using the same lifesaving techniques learned in “Triage” and combining some new information, you can continue your lifesaving measures while providing practical comfort and treatment for your victims. “Disaster First Aid” teaches the basic precepts of emergency medical care with an emphasis on practical information that will be relevant when most other resources are not available. This module will give you real world solutions for long term care. We can share special techniques we have used on large scale disasters to make your emergency manageable.
  • FIRE/UTILITY CONTROL- is dangerous and certainly not for the untrained. This is why this training is so important. It teaches the basics of fire behavior, fire type and recognition. Each student is then given the opportunity to extinguish a live fire under supervision. The students also learn how to control the utilities and prevent further damage to your site.

This is a brief overview of what our Disaster Survival Skills training program is all about. We have brought together, what we believe to be the most important information. There’s a lot of information out there that could take you years to gather on your own. We put it all together for you, in just a one-day program. We also have Disaster Survival Kits and supplies to support our training.

Watch Sneak Peek Clips from our Disaster Survival Workshop

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