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CPR Face Shield Keychain Kit

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In the critical moments of a CPR emergency, the CPR Face Shield Keychain Kit provides the ultimate combination of safety and convenience. Designed with your protection as a top priority, this keychain kit is an essential tool for anyone trained in CPR.

Our Rondex CPR Mouth Barrier, a standout feature of the kit, is equipped with two one-way valves integrated into the bite piece. These valves offer maximum protection against fluids, blood, and even projectile vomiting from the victim, ensuring your safety while you provide life-saving assistance.

Unlike other CPR face shields on the market, which often use inadequate paper filters, our American-made Rondex CPR Face Shield is built for the highest level of protection. Paper filters can allow fluids and viruses to pass through, putting rescuers at risk. Our shield, however, is uniquely designed to prevent such hazards.

The compact nature of this kit makes it perfect for everyday carry. It can easily attach to your car keys or be carried in a purse, ensuring you're always prepared. Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.) recommends having this tool within reach at all times for swift response in emergencies.

In addition to the barrier mask, the kit includes Nitrile Gloves and an Antimicrobial Wipe, further enhancing your protection during a CPR procedure. It's also equipped with a short bite piece to avoid triggering the gag reflex, making it safe for use on children as young as one year old.

Be aware of the limitations and risks associated with cheaper, overseas-manufactured CPR face shields, often considered novelty items rather than effective medical devices. Our CPR Face Shield Keychain Kit meets the highest standards of safety, providing you with the protection you need in a life-saving situation

CPR mouth barrier provides Rescuer's maximum protection.

To protect you while performing CPR (mouth to mouth) our Rondex CPR mouth barrier has 2 one-way valves built into the bite piece. This will protect you from fluids, blood and the projectile vomiting of your victim.

Always carry this mouth barrier with you all the time. Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.) recommends attaching it to your car keys or carrying in your purse.

Be careful with cheap CPR Face Shields that use paper filters as a one way valve, this gives you, the rescuer minimum or ZERO protection. Fluids and viruses will travel through those paper filters putting you at risk.

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If you know how to do CPR, you probably know that breathing is still extremely important in saving a life and minimizing any brain damage. Of course your safety is the #1 priority. So a CPR mask that protects you from infectious diseases and bodily fluids while providing valuable breaths during CPR is invaluable.

BUT, watch out for those CPR mask with paper filters, those cheap overseas imported paper filter mask give you little or zero viral and bacterial protection.

The one I personally carry and have used while off duty has 2 one-way valves to provide for maximum protection and is the only American Made face shield with 2 valves on the market. It's not the cheapest, but it is the BEST.

So always carry a CPR Face Shield Kit. Our kit includes Barrier Mask (two valves), Nitrile Gloves and an Antimicrobial Wipe.

Our CPR Face Mask is the only American made CPR mouth to mouth barrier on the market. This Rondex CPR face shield is the only mouth barrier with two One-Way Valve protection to prevent risk to the rescuer. That means, there are 2 one-way valves to protect you. 

When the paper filters becomes moist with one's breath or a drop of body fluid, its protection drops by one-third. And so on. With a short bite piece, our CPR Face Shield will not hit the gag reflex and is safe to use on children down to one year in age.

Be cautious of all other inexpensive CPR face shields that are manufactured overseas. They are imported into the U.S. as novelty items and are not considered medical devices. They are basically toys and not suitable for protection from body fluids during CPR. When shopping for a CPR mouth barrier make sure you get non-latex gloves and an Antimicrobial Wipe for your protection in your CPR Face Shield Keychain kit.

Why use a CPR Face Shield Keychain Kit?

Number one, it keeps the rescuer protected from infectious diseases and bodily fluids. It is the rescuers first line of defense. When a victim collapses to the ground, the last thing to hit the ground is their head. The odds of an injury to the face and mouth are huge. When you open the mouth, there may be blood present that you can't even see. Then, when you ventilate the patient, the force of your breath can cause all of the contaminants to become airborne. Your mouth is extremely exposed and vulnerable to absorbing their fluids. Remember, this is not someone who is healthy, but rather injured, ill and or dying. Remember, keep your CPR certification current to maintain skills.

Key Features

  • Portable (actually fits in your pocket)
  • American made (only one in its category)
  • Double one-ways valves (again, only one)
  • Vinyl gloves included
  • Antimicrobial wipe
  • Fits on belt or keychain
  • Non-latex
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