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Car Survival Kit

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The best Car Survival Kit - Supplies you need to survive in a disaster


Set off on every drive with the ultimate peace of mind, thanks to the Car Survival Kit from Disaster Survival Skills. Curated by Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.), a seasoned expert with over 28 years as a firefighter and first aid instructor, this isn't just any survival kit—it's a comprehensive safety net for you and your loved ones on the road.

Our kit is built around the essentials for survival, featuring specially formulated Food Bars that can endure temperatures up to 150 degrees and boast a 5-year shelf life, ideal for long-term storage in your vehicle. These bars are designed to be non-thirst provoking, ensuring your hydration needs are met without increasing your water intake necessity. Paired with 9 pouches of 4 oz. sterilized water, you're guaranteed hydration that's safe and secure, free from bacterial contamination, even under the toughest conditions.

Safety doesn't stop at sustenance; it extends to critical first aid supplies capable of addressing severe injuries with trauma dressings, gauze, and paramedic scissors, among other essentials. The inclusion of a 12-hour light stick, visible up to 3-4 miles, provides reliable emergency lighting, serving as a safer alternative to road flares. The dynamo hand squeeze LED flashlight ensures you're never left in the dark, eliminating the worry of dead batteries.

The thermal survival blanket is a key component for retaining body heat and treating shock, making it indispensable in cold weather emergencies or after an accident.

We recommend keeping a Car Survival Kit in each of your vehicles, ideally stored in the trunk for easy access. Enhance your preparedness by pairing this kit with our Emergency Window Hammer with Seatbelt Cutter, ensuring you're fully equipped for any scenario, from natural disasters to unexpected vehicle malfunctions.

With the Car Survival Kit by Disaster Survival Skills, you're not just carrying supplies; you're carrying a guarantee of readiness for whatever lies ahead. Make every journey with the confidence that comes from being truly prepared.


Have 1 Car Survival Kit is recommended for each your car. It can be stored in your trunk. 

We also recommend that you get a Car Window Hammer with Seatbelt cutter to place near the driver's seat.

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What makes our emergency car first aid supplies different?

While our competition stocks a 37 item first aid kit in their car kit, that includes 20 band-aids, 2-2x2 pc. of gauze, 2- alcohol wipes, 1- butterfly bandage and 10 cotton swabs. You are going to need more than that in a true emergency.  We have responded to real emergencies so we know what you will really need. We pack items you will need to handle life threatening injuries Items like trauma dressings for severe bleeding a wound care.  As a retired professional firefighter and first aid instructor, I believe in providing first aid supplies to get the job done in a real emergency.

This is not your typical first aid items, because this is not your typical Car Kit. We have added trauma dressings to Paramedic scissors, you have the foundation of preparedness. Feel free to add a CPR face shield, Burn Gel Dressing, Splint, etc. All you have to do is just compare.

A great addition to car preparedness and one our biggest sellers is our Emergency Window Hammer.  This car window breaker with Seat belt cutter will help you avoid becoming the victim in a car accident. We want you to be the survivor and hero for your family by quickly escaping any accident. 

Emergency Car Survival Kit Contents:

Car Survival Kit Content List

Car Kit Key benefits

  • Food and Water if stranded
  • You're always be prepared when on the road
  • Survival blanket for warmth and to treat shock
  • All your supplies in one kit
  • Knowing your prepared for 5 years.

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