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First Aid and Triage Supplies

When preparing your family for an emergency or an earthquake, first aid supplies should be your number 1 priority. You need supplies that can make a real difference in an emergency. For example, while most companies stock their kits with alcohol wipes (which kill cells) that are not part of first aid protocol. We prefer to stock our kits with useful items like trauma dressings and gauze pads no smaller than 4×4 so you can control real bleeding. When a person is injured and in pain, you need to be able to provide the best quality first aid care immediately to your family. And nothing is better than knowing what to do and having the right supplies on hand.

Disaster Survival Skills is known for providing top quality first aid supplies for 28 years. All the emergency kits are professionally designed by Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.), an accredited trainer for American Heart Association, National Safety Council First Aid, CERT, and FEMA.

What is Triage?

Triage comes from the French word that means “to sort“. Use Triage in emergencies where there are more victims than rescuers,  limited resources and time is critical. The goal of Triage is to identify victims who are having life-threatening problems. This is a quick evaluation to prioritize and sort patients so you can provide care to those who need the care immediately. Read more about Triage Flowchart For Disasters (with Poster) here.

Recommended Supplies for Schools

You need to structure your emergency team first. This calculator can help you to get the ideal number of team members for each group (such as Search & Rescue, Medical Team, Assembly Team, etc.)

Once you have your team set up, they need to be trained. They must know how to handle emergencies with multiple victims, how to safely perform search & rescue, how to provide fast first aid treatment etc. Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.) teaches on-site Disaster Survival Training for schools but is limited to Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego, High Desert, Los Angeles, San Gabriel and Palm Desert areas only. Call us at 1-888-705-2184 to know more.

Our school calculator will also provide you with the exact supplies that are recommended for your school’s population. Click here to generate a report.