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Disaster Survival Skills, LLC has been the leader in Disaster Response training for schools since 1991.
After training thousands of school staff and reviewing hundreds of disaster supply caches over the last 26 years, we realized a need for some practical advice and solutions for schools.
We have been asked over and over what supplies and what quantities are really necessary. So we have put together some realistic guidelines along with supplies that compliment your training and will help achieve your planning goals.

With over 33 years of experience in the emergency and disaster response business, we are able to provide realistic and practical training and supplies for schools.

School Disaster Preparedness in 3 Simple Steps

There are 3 main components to a successful school disaster preparedness plan. These 3 components will allow your school to manage and respond to the chaos that a large disaster, such as an earthquake, would create. These are:


1. Planning
Every school plan should include Standard Operating Procedures for the sites Emergency Response Teams.


2. Training
Training provides the skills necessary for your response teams to carry out the plan and it provides confidence to take the right action.


3. Supplies
From First Aid to Search & Rescue these are the tools that will support your Emergency Response Teams skills to provide efficient and quick care to your students and staff.

Missing only one of these 3 main components will leave your school a total chaos.

  • Without a plan, your staff will be disorganized, overwhelmed and confused as to what to do.
  • Without training, your staff may have supplies... but will lack the skills and knowledge to put them into use.
  • Without supplies, your staff may know what to do... but will lack the tools to get the job done.

And Disaster Survival Skills, LLC, provides all of these components to help you in preparing for your school's Disaster Preparedness and Survival.


Planning includes building your Emergency Response Teams,  proper Training for your teams, and calculation of Supplies. We offer a comprehensive School Disaster Preparedness Calculator to help you with your planning. It covers:

What could happen in a disaster

Your School Emergency Response Team Structure and Training

The Supplies you need including Water Storage, First Aid, Search & Rescue, Triage, and Food Supplies

Family Reunification

Generate Your School's Disaster Preparedness Report


We know your time is valuable so we have designed our Disaster Response Training to be a short, no-nonsense course packed with valuable information that will save lives.

Disaster Survival Skills Training

We have both all day and half-day training sessions. Our workshop covers the core skills of dealing with a major disaster. We have included the techniques and practices of professional rescuers and focused on the key essentials to provide your employees with… real world solutions.

Our one-day workshop consists of the following four modules:

Our half-day workshop includes any two modules:

  1. Light Urban Search & Rescue
  2. Triage
  3. Disaster First Aid
  4. Fire/Utility Control

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Also Available:

CPR, First Aid, & AED Training
We also provide certification in CPR, First Aid, & AED Training. CPR is taught to the American Heart Association guidelines and First Aid is National Safety Council approved. Our course also meets State Standards for Bus Drivers.

Free Life-Saving Video Training
These are quick training videos that are designed to teach you the most important skills that everyone should know, and you can learn them in just a few minutes!

School Disaster Preparedness Program
We've put together some high-quality information that your school can access for FREE. This program includes posters, tips, and videos.


These supplies will make a real difference in a disaster situation. Remember, supplies should match the level of training of the employee. We've put together practical supplies and gear to support our training. It is targets classrooms, Emergency Response Teams and the whole school . There is no fluff or waste in our kits, but rather supplies that will support your First Aid and Search and Rescue and your Triage teams.

For Each Classroom
Supplies are calculated based on the number of your classrooms.

For The Whole School
Supplies are calculated based on the number of your school population.

For Emergency Response Team
Supplies are calculated based on the number of your Team & Members.

Also Available:


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