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Emergency Drinking Water Pouches (Case of 100)

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You can purchase single water pouches at .39 cents each or by the case of 100 pouches for $29.95. Our American made Emergency Water Pouches have a 5 year shelf life because of the high tech packaging that preserves this purified and sterilized water for five years. Each sealed 4.2 ounces ration of water is unaffected by temperature extremes and contains water safe enough for first aid treatment i.e. flushing wounds. They are perfect for Work and School Disaster Kits.

TIP! When rationing emergency drinking water following a disaster to those at rest, do not serve more than 4 ounces per hour because the body can only absorb 4 ounces of water in an hour by drinking, so any extra would be wasted. Emergency sterile water packets contain 4.2 ounces of water and have a five year shelf life.

Bottled Water versus Emergency Drinking Water Pouches

Water Bottles are made from porous, breathable plastic. They can absorb odors, car exhaust, chemicals, etc. (never store bottles in your garage or on concrete) and not to mention heat and light which will affect the growth of bacteria in the water. Water can actually evaporate from your stored water bottles. Not a good option for long term emergency water storage.

Emergency Drinking Water packets/pouches on the other hand, are packed with water that has been purified and sterilized (no bacteria) and packaged in mylar according to Coast Guard standards. This is why you can store your water packets in extreme temperatures for 5 years.

Disadvantages: Water pouches are a great solution for small or individual water storage needs. But for large quantities they become very expensive when you figure the cost per gallon. Which is about $8.00 approximately per gallon when pouches are purchased by the case. A much more affordable for the short term and especially for the long term drinking water storage is 55 gallon Water Barrels.

Key Features

  • Five year shelf life
  • Coast Guard approved
  • Easy to store and pack in kits
  • Very durable packaging
  • Pouches are inexpensive
  • Drink right from the pouch
  • Each pouch is perfectly rationed

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