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How To Store Water Long Term

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

I have seen many mistakes made over the years when it comes to long term water storage.  How to store water long term begins with the right container. When you pick the wrong kind of container long term safe storage becomes very difficult. One major mistake is choosing a low-density plastic which encourages the growth of algae and clear or white plastic which allows sunlight to penetrate and encourage bacteria and algae growth. Those containers are not intended or designed for long term storage.

And the worst choice is a used barrel. These barrels usually had a syrup or fruit juice concentrate shipped in them originally and since they can only be used once by law, they can be obtained pretty cheaply by an unsuspecting public. The reason they can only be used once is because you can never get the contents out of the plastic, which would lead to contamination of the next product shipped in it. It is embedded in the plastic. This will lead to an algae growth that nothing will control. Even bleach washes won’t work. I’ve tried.

Complete Guide On How To Store Water Long Term”

How To Find The Right Container To Use For Long Term Water Storage

Water Barrel HDPE 2 For Long Term Water Storage


So when considering how to store water long term, make sure the items you use are not contaminating your emergency drinking water. Start off with a NEW Water Barrel or other containers that are made from High-Density Polyethylene. You will know this by the markings of the barrel HDPE (stands High-Density Polyethylene) for  with the #2 with the recycle symbol at the bottom of the container. This opaque plastic resists algae growth and prevents light from entering again to prevent algae or bacteria growth. This is a container designed for food or water storage. The thickness of the plastic means it is not permeable, so it is safe to store on concrete without polluting your water supply.

How much water should you store?

Whether you are storing emergency survival water for earthquakes, floods, disaster preparedness. You should store at least one gallon per person per day for at least 7 days. I would suggest 3 weeks. For a family of four, I would consider storing at least one 55 gallons Water Storage Barrel. Don’t forget you are going to need water for not only drinking but for general food preparation and for your Long Term Dehydrated Food Storage, sanitation, and first aid. Hand washing will become very important in a disaster to cut the risk of disease and infection. You can’t have too much water.

Water Preserver Concentrate is the perfect solution for long term emergency water storage of large quantities of water. Simply add the concentrate to tap water and this pretreatment will sterilize 55 gallons in your Water Storage Barrels. This product is an EPA-approved chlorine based product providing a 5-year shelf life.



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