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“On Duty” 4-in-1 Gas & Water Utility Shutoff Tool

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This Gas and Water utility shut off tool is a heavy duty multi-purpose non-sparking wrench is perfect for shutting off natural gas meters and water meters at the street. It is also a digging and prying emergency tool that had a home on our fire engine for years.

How to shut off the gas using "On Duty 4 in 1 Utility Shutoff" Tool


I have personally used this On Duty 4 in 1 Emergency Gas and Water utility shut off tool for years as a professional firefighter. In fact, this amazing tool was invented by a firefighter following the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. This heavy duty multi-purpose non-sparking wrench is perfect for shutting off natural gas meters and water meters at the street. The pry bar tip on this wrench pulls extra duty by prying open doors. A great addition to any CERT backpack.

Great all around survival tool for urban disaster and emergency preparedness. Strong enough to pry open doors or dig through debris. I strongly suggest one for your 72 hour Home Emergency Family kit, School Search and Rescue bags and for Business Emergency Response Teams (BERT). One of my top picks to add to all CERT kits. For home, store the gas shut off tool at or near the gas meter.

TIP! When checking for gas leaks, do not rely only on smelling or hearing the leak. Rely also on seeing the leak. How can you see invisible gas? By checking the dials on your gas meter. Leaks in your walls and attic could go undetected for hours leading to an explosive situation. Always check your appliances as a source for a leak. They have a shut off valve on the pipe coming out of the wall. Of course, never use matches or candles around gas leaks. Light sticks or glow sticks are a much safer option.

“On Duty”  4-in-1 Utility Shutoff Benefits

It is a compact Gas Wrench and rescue tool that will fit in almost any disaster kit. It has the widest base at the bottom of the gas wrench so it does not cut into your hand even on those rusty hard to turn off gas meters. It is long enough so you can get some great leverage on the gas shut off valve. At the top of the gas wrench the ''hook'' will fit into the slot on the water meter cover and pull the lid right off (again, eliminates the need for another tool). The center slot will fit any odd size or commercial gas shut off valves.

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