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Office Disaster Survival Kit (10 Person)

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A realistic and practical solution for earthquakes and mass-casualty disasters.  

In the event of an emergency, the Office Disaster Survival Kit (10 Person) by Disaster Survival Skills becomes an indispensable asset for ensuring the safety and survival of your office staff. Specifically crafted to support up to 10 individuals for three days, this kit is an essential component for any workplace, especially in areas prone to earthquakes or other significant emergencies.

The core of this kit lies in its comprehensive approach to safety and survival. Included is a versatile pry bar/utility shut off tool, essential for quickly turning off gas or water to prevent further hazard. For communication and updates, a radio is provided alongside reliable lighting solutions to ensure your team can navigate and organize in the absence of natural light.

First aid and hygiene supplies are selected not just for their quality but for their capability to address a wide range of medical emergencies. From CPR assistance, severe bleeding control, shock treatment, serious burn care, to stabilization of broken bones and handling minor injuries, this kit equips you with the tools needed to save lives until professional help can arrive.

Food and water supplies within the kit are calculated to sustain 10 people for 72 hours, with a long shelf life of 5 years, ensuring that your office is always prepared without the need for constant restocking.

Having the Office Disaster Survival Kit on your premises is more than a precaution—it's a commitment to the well-being and safety of your staff. It's a comprehensive solution designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that in the face of disaster, you have the necessary resources to protect and support your team.

1 Office Survival Kit is recommended for each office workspace with 10 persons.

A major earthquake can happen any time of the day, whether you are at home, work, or while traveling. We highly recommend a Family Disaster Survival Kit for home and a Car Survival Kit for your car.

So we have also included an American made "On Duty" 4 in one tool that will shut off the gas meter, water meter and serves as a digging and prying tool for jammed doors following an earthquake. The Dynamo Radio/Flashlight included does not require batteries, so you won't be without valuable light or information following the disaster. Light Sticks that glow for 12 hours for search and rescue or just comfort light, with no risk of sparks or fires. Again,  American made means a 5-year shelf life and high-quality light.

You'll find American made 5-year long term food bars that are non-thirst provoking and sterile water pouches for drinking and medical care.

Office Disaster Survival Kit Contents:

  • 10 Food bars
  • 90 Water pouches
  • 10 Light sticks
  • 2 Flashlights
  • 1 On Duty 4-n-1 tool
  • 1 roll Duct tape
  • 10 Survival blankets
  • 10 Toothbrushes/paste
  • 10 Tissue packs
  • Emergency crank radio/flashlight
  • 1 CPR face shield/mask
  • 4 Trauma dressings
  • 20 4x4 Gauze dressings
  • 2 rolls of gauze
  • 4 Triangular dressings
  • 2 rolls First aid tape
  • 20 Band-aids
  • 2 Arm splints
  • 2 Cold packs
  • 1 bottle Burn gel
  • 1 Paramedic scissors
  • 1 Tweezers
  • 20 Antiseptic wipes
  • 5 Antimicrobial wipes
  • 5 pr. Vinyl gloves
  • 1 First aid guide

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