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Water Barrel Hand Pump

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When buying a water barrel pump to distribute your water from your 55-gallon barrel there are two considerations. Are you going to distribute the water at the barrel, if so, you need a hand pump that is adjustable between 4 and 8 oz. per stroke. Don’t forget to get a Water Preserver Treatment and a Bung Wrench. For more information check out our Water Barrel package

If you are going to pump water into another container to distribute at a different location then you would want a siphon pump. The siphon pump does not work well filling up drinking cups. Most of your water from the barrel will spill. Our Water Barrel Hand Pump will not cause you to lose a great deal of water during distribution.

I believe the best alternative is a water barrel hand pump which is adjustable to deliver either 4 or 8 oz. of water per stroke. 

Remember when rationing water that 4 oz. is a good amount of water.

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