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Flashlight Hand Crank

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This handy READY flashlight never needs batteries and is small enough to be stored almost anywhere. This hand squeeze flashlight is so economical you could buy several and store in every room, this dynamo hand crank flashlight is small enough to fit into your glove box, nightstand and emergency kits. Even comes with a wrist strap.

A simple squeeze of the hand and you are generating electricity. The flywheel creates energy charging the small internal battery. The two efficient LED lights are not only brighter but use less energy making this a perfect system.
Forget about always changing batteries, always BE READY to go.

Remember in the middle of the night in any disaster, grab your flashlight to light your way and then grab those slip on shoes you stored under the bed. With this kind of planning, you can avoid making your disaster worse by stepping onto broken and shattered shards of glass and other household items. The bedroom is a great place to store your Emergency Family Kit with its real first aid kit, pry bar, gas shutoff tool and more. These are the safety items you want to have close by when seconds count.

Light Sticks, or as some call Glow Sticks are another great safety item to have as ready to go light in any emergency or disaster. They have a five-year shelf life and glow for 12 hours providing safe light at car accidents where leaking fuel could be an issue or for some rural communities with vegetation fires that create a risk. They are much safer than road flares which burn out in 15 minutes and are a big fire hazard. Prepare your home with safe light in place of candles. Candles are not Earthquake friendly due to aftershocks and the risk of fire. Store in everyone's night stands.

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