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Flashlight Batteries D-Cell (1 Pair)

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Don't forget your D-Cell batteries for your flashlights. The price is for 2 heavy duty alkaline batteries. Always store batteries in your flashlight so you are always ready to go when the lights go out. So if there is a power outage, you aren't fumbling around in the dark trying to find batteries and then hoping you are putting them in correctly without being able to see what you are doing. When the power grid is interrupted, you want and need to be able to respond quickly. Of course this will drain your batteries over time, so get extra batteries to store as a backup. Store those batteries with the flashlight, so there is no hunting them down in a black out emergency.

Again, when you keep batteries in your flashlight they will continually drain. So change twice a year with day light savings. Batteries stored in their packaging will last around 5 years at room temperature. (storing batteries in a refrigerator, does not extend their shelf life)

Don't use candles as a back up. I know a lot of websites promote their use, but they are the most dangerous ways to provide light. Candles are one of the number one causes of fires in the country. They are very dangerous, especially following an earthquake because aftershocks will cause candles to tip over and roll. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Also, they produce minimal light, and are dangerous around children.

A much better solution is our hand crank flashlights or light sticks. These dynamo crank flashlights are always ready to create light in a disaster. Bright LED bulbs require little energy making dynamo flashlights are a very efficient alternative. And they reduce the need to throw old batteries in the landfill.

Those glow (light) sticks will provide light for twelve hours and there is no risk of fire. They are safe for children and store for five years. We only sell American made glow sticks which are a much better quality than Chinese light sticks. American made light sticks will store much longer and produce a much brighter light.

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