Classroom Lockdown Kit (For Intruder On Site Situation)

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A realistic and practical solution for shelter in place and mass-casualty disasters.

This Classroom Lockdown Kit is stored in a bucket and is recommended for preschool and elementary school preparedness for classroom lockdowns, where students are forced to stay inside the classroom, such as intruder-on-site. It has first aid kit and toilet supplies, the bucket comes with a lid that doubles as a toilet seat. We've also included 1 food bar and drinking water.

1 Classroom Lock down Bucket is recommended for each classroom.

We highly recommend that you and all your staff learn the 3 most important life-saving skills, watch the free training here.

Make sure you have the ideal team structure for your school/site. Use our Disaster Preparedness Calculator to determine the right teams, sub-teams, and team members for your Emergency Response Team Structure.

In an emergency when the school is in Lock down, don't be without the essentials food, water or a bathroom. With the risk of school lockdowns becoming more common all the time from a real or perceived threat, classrooms need to be prepared with a Classroom Lockdown Kit. A school lock down could be brief or could last hours. This is our entry level classroom lockdown kit with a 5-gallon storage bucket that comes with a lid that doubles as a toilet seat. Each lock down kit includes 1 Food Bar- 5 year shelf life, 1 thermal blanket, 6-packs of water 12 toilet bags and chemicals and a 54 pc. first aid kit.


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