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Classroom Lock Down Bucket Kit

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In today's unpredictable world, ensuring the safety of students during an emergency lock down is paramount. The Disaster Survival Skills Classroom Lock Down Bucket Kit is specifically designed for pre-school and elementary school classrooms, providing essential tools and first aid supplies to manage such critical situations effectively.

This comprehensive kit contains everything a teacher needs to maintain the safety and well-being of students during a lockdown caused by intruders or other emergencies. It's equipped with items to treat life-threatening injuries, including trauma dressings, gauze pads, and triangular bandages for effective bleeding control, as well as thermal blankets for shock victims.

Additionally, the kit includes an Emergency Vest for easy identification of the teacher in charge, Vinyl Gloves, Antimicrobial Wipes, and a CPR mask to ensure the safety and hygiene of both the caregiver and the children.

We strongly recommend that all staff members enhance their readiness by learning the 3 most important life-saving skills, available through our free training. Additionally, use our Disaster Preparedness Calculator to structure your Emergency Response Team effectively.

Optional items such as food bars and pry bars can be added for comfort and self-rescue, especially useful in scenarios like earthquakes.

For each classroom, a Classroom Lock Down Bucket Kit is essential. It's not just about being prepared; it's about being responsibly equipped for the safety of our children.

A realistic and practical solution for events such as intruder on-site or emergencies where students are lockdown in a classroom

This School Classroom Lock Down Bucket Kit is recommended for pre-school and elementary school preparation for classroom lockdown. It has all the necessary items to enable teachers to keep the children safe while on lockdown. It also has first aid supplies to treat life-threatening injuries (CPR, severe bleeding, and shock).

1 Classroom Lock Down Bucket Kit is recommended for each classroom.

We highly recommend that you and all your staff learn the 3 most important life-saving skills, watch the free training here.

Make sure you have the ideal team structure for your school/site. Use our Disaster Preparedness Calculator to determine the right teams, sub-teams, and team members for your Emergency Response Team Structure.

This Classroom Lock Down Bucket Kit is a backpack that includes an Emergency Vest for the teacher for identification. In the event of an injury to a child we have included emergency first aid supplies for the teacher. They include 3 trauma Dressings, Ten 4x4 Gauze Pads with 3 Triangular Dressings. These will enable the teacher to create Pressure Dressings for the control of bleeding of multiple victims. There are also 3 Thermal Blankets for shock victims. For teacher safety we have included Vinyl Gloves, Antimicrobial Wipes and a CPR mask.

Classroom Lockd Down Bucket Kit Contents:

Optional items like  food bars for comfort or pry bars for self-rescue can really make teachers more effective by providing them with the tools necessary for evacuation in earthquakes.

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