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“Burn Free” Burn Gel Bottle

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Burn Gel has many benefits that include absorbing heat quickly, cooling the burn, relieving the pain and calming the burn victim and stopping the burn progression. It covers the burn to prevent contamination and reduce the risk of infection and begins the cooling process. Burn-Free contains anti-evaporative, thickening additive to maintain the gels viscosity and efficacy. Even though it is 80% water it does not evaporate, which reduces the chance of hypothermia normally associated with the use of water. It cools through transfer of the heat into the gel system.

Use of “BurnFree” Burn Gel Bottle

Keep a supply at home and in your automobile, and don't leave home without some extra BurnFree products on your next camping trip or trip to the beach. What's the secret to this great product? BurnFree gel contains a natural extract called Melaleuca Alternifolia, or Tea Tree Oil. This ingredient is considered in many countries to have natural anti-germicidal features, which help to prevent infection and promotes healing.

BurnFree gel may be added to first aid dressings to help hold the gel in place at the wound site to cool the injury effectively. BurnFree Gel Bottle utilizes the same advanced hydrogel formulation without the use of drugs. BurnFree is FDA approved as a Medical Device. Check out our 2x6 and 8x8 size sterile Burn Gel dressings. Because it is hypoallergenic it is safe for use on everyone.

For burn treatment, check out our blog article on "How To Treat Burns."

Key Features

  • Meets ANSi standards
  • Eliminates the pain
  • Stops the burn progression
  • Prevents infection
  • Reduces gauze dressings from sticking to wounds
  • Treats sunburns and household accidents
  • No Lidocaine, safe for everyone

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