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Antimicrobial Wipes

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These disinfectant wipes should also be stored in disaster first aid kits to prevent cross contamination in the disaster first aid areas. Great for first aid kits and CPR masks. We aid one to all the CPR face shields we sale. Stock up in your first aid kits. Also keep these wipes handy in your desk and car.

Antimicrobial Wipe and a Antiseptic (BZK) Wipe

The difference between an Antimicrobial Wipe and a Antiseptic (BZK) Wipe is that the Antimicrobial main ingredient is hosted in a base of alcohol. The BZK wipe does not contain alcohol. So the Antiseptic Wipe (BZK) is safe to use on wounds. Because alcohol further damages injured tissue. The Antimicrobial Wipe is only to be used on healthy tissue or skin, NEVER on wounds.

These Antimicrobial Hand Wipes are a great addition to all first aid kits, the workplace and at schools, in the classrooms, the nurses office and of course the school front office. A great front line of defense for the flu season.

We pack them in our Disaster First Aid bags to prevent cross contamination in the triage and disaster first aid treatment areas. We also pack antimicrobial wipes in our "Real" First Aid Kits and our CPR Mouth Barrier KeyChain Kit to give you the ability to clean up and disinfect immediately following your rescue and giving first aid or CPR. They are perfect in the field or when soap and water are not readily available, or you just need a quick immediate way to disinfect. These Antimicrobial Hands wipes should be part of every school and business sites PPE's (personal protection equipment).

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