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LifeSaver Pack

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 A realistic and practical solution for mass-casualty disasters.  

This LifeSaver Pack is an additional tool for Search & Rescue Teams. When the rescuers find a victim with severe bleeding, they have to control the bleeding immediately before moving them to the first aid area. This waist pack includes triangular bandages and trauma dressings to create pressure dressings to control serious bleeding on the spot. The kit also includes 4x4 gauze, gloves, scissors and antimicrobial wipes to protect the rescuer.

1 LifeSaver Pack is recommended for each of your Search & Rescue Team members.

We highly recommend that you also get Search & Rescue Team Leader Bag for each of your S&R Team Leader and Stretchers.

Make sure you have the ideal team structure for your school/site. Use our Disaster Preparedness Calculator to determine the right teams, sub-teams, and team members for your Emergency Response Team Structure.

Provides each team member with Life Saving first aid supplies to treat the wounded inside the rescue area. Contents: waist pack, triangular bandages, 4x4 gauze dressings, 5x9 trauma dressings, roll of gauze, latex gloves, antimicrobial wipes, paramedic scissors.

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