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First Aid Book Pocket Guide

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Not sure what to do in an emergency. Just look it up in your First Aid Guide. The first aid book pocket guide includes first aid treatment for CPR, Bleeding, and wounds, Head injuries, Nosebleeds, Dental injuries, Chest and Abdominal injuries, Poison, Burns, Hypothermia, Heat-related emergencies, Stroke, Diabetics and a lot more.

This is the same first aid guide we pack in our "Real" First Aid Kit, Car Survival Kit and our Family Kit. It contains accurate and reliable tips that can save lives while reinforcing proper care of first aid emergencies.

This 60 page CPR and First Aid pocket guide covers medical emergencies ranging from Amputations to Seizures covering over 75 different medical emergencies. Meets the latest CPR and ECC guidelines. At only a $3.95 this very affordable quick first aid reference book is invaluable for anyone interested in providing quick and correct care for work, school, family and friends.

At only 4x6 inches in size it is small enough to be carried in all first aid kits, camping gear and even the glove box in your car.

First Aid Kit Supplies List

A real first aid kit should be able to manage CPR, Severe Bleeding, and Shock as well as other serious injuries, like burns and broken bones. That means the best first aid kit must have contents that are professional high-quality American made. Like our double one-way valve mouth barrier for CPR.  Most CPR masks on the market are imported into the United States and licensed as novelty items (toys). These cheap masks have paper filters that offer little if any viral protection.  Trauma dressings are a necessity for the control of Severe Bleeding and serious wound care.

For burns, nothing works better than a burn gel dressing. It helps to stop the pain, stop the burn progression, stop infection, prevent hypothermia and best of all, the dressing won’t stick to the burn.  For fractured limbs, be sure and include a real splint to stabilize the injury. These are just a few of the important items that should be on every first aid list.


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