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The Real Life-Saving First Aid Kit (All-Purpose | Home | Office | School | Car)

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In a world where emergencies are unpredictable, the Real Life-Saving First Aid Kit from Disaster Survival Skills is your ultimate safeguard. This kit is meticulously designed to address the three most critical life-threatening conditions: non-breathing situations, severe bleeding, and shock.

Our American-made CPR Mouth Barrier Mask sets the standard in first aid care. Its unique double one-way valves ensure safe, effective CPR without the risk of transmitting bodily fluids. The bite piece feature also keeps the airway open, even if the victim bites down.

For severe bleeding emergencies, our kit includes substantial dressings: three 5x9 trauma dressings, ten 4x4 gauze dressings, and a specialized Blood Stopper dressing. These are essential for handling severe wounds, burns, or gunshot injuries, far beyond the capacity of standard band-aids.

The kit's Thermal Blanket is crucial for treating shock. Unlike regular blankets, it prevents heat loss and reflects the victim's own heat, providing vital warmth.

We've also included state-of-the-art Burn Gel Dressings, sterile water, Paramedic Scissors, and a 12-inch cardboard splint. Our kit is free from outdated and potentially harmful items like Hydrogen Peroxide and Alcohol wipes, focusing instead on current first aid protocols.

Inside the easy-to-recognize red bag, designed by Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.), you'll find 70 items, making it capable of handling almost any first aid emergency. From minor injuries to life-threatening situations, this kit empowers you to provide effective first aid.

Ideal for homes, classrooms, vehicles, and outdoor activities, our kit is an essential component of safety preparedness. Enhance your confidence in handling emergencies with our free life-saving first aid training, available at onlinecprskills.com

The best first aid kit. The real life-saving first aid kit.

There are 3 things people die from when injured. They are;

#1. Not Breathing

#2. Bleeding Severely

#3. Shock

When shopping for a first aid kit, make sure it has the supplies to treat these 3 life threatening conditions.  Our American made CPR Mouth Barrier Mask will not only protect you, but enable you to provide better quality CPR. That is because our mouth barrier comes with 2 one-way valves which allows you to perform quality breaths without the risk of you taking in any bodily fluids from your victim. Even if your victim vomits, you can go right back to breaths with no risk to you.

It also has a bite piece which helps keep the tongue out of the way. If the victim bites down,  you will still have an airway which is great news for the victim.

Next your first aid kit will need substantial dressings to stop some of the most severe bleeding injuries. Our kit has not only 3 5x9 trauma dressings for bleeding. We also have 10 4x4 gauze dressings and recently added a Blood Stopper dressing for large wounds, burns, gunshot victims and more. Most kits only have dozens and dozens of band-aids.

The 3rd most essential first aid item necessary is to treat Shock. So we included our 54x87 in. Thermal blanket. This blanket is critical for controlling shock by preventing heat loss and keeping the patient warm. A regular blanket allows heat to escape and does very little to stop heat loss. The thermal blanket does not breathe, so no heat loss. It has reflective properties so it reflects the victims own heat right back onto them.

Make sure your kit has a state of the art Burn Dressing, Paramedic Scissors, arm splint, sterile water, etc.

This red first aid kit bag is professionally designed by Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.) himself. It's a first aid kit for most injuries, it will enable you to treat minor to severe injuries. You can safely perform CPR, control Severe Bleeding, treat Shock, treat serious Burns, stabilize fractured limbs, along with minor first aid emergencies. We've also included easy to follow first aid instructions.

Best kit for home, classroom, car, boat, office, or outdoor activities.

We highly recommend that you learn the 3 most important life-saving skills, watch the free training here.

Find out all the recommended supplies for your family and download your free report for a realistic and practical preparedness guide. Click Here. 

To be called the best First Aid Kit, a kit should be able to handle almost every type of true life threatening first aid emergency. Our 70 item first aid bag is built just like all our Disaster Survival Kits. Built to save lives. 

What separates our Real First Aid kit from the rest, first is the quality of our first aid kit contents. Beginning with our American made CPR Barrier Mask. This double valve one-way face shield is the best mask on the market.

Next, is our state of the art American made Burn Gel Dressing. Stops burning, kills the pain, reduces infections and does not stick to the burn. Also included is sterile water for flushing wounds, eyes or cooling burns.

Who else puts a 12-inch cardboard splint to stabilize fractured ankles, wrists, and arms in their kits? Or paramedic scissors? And, we include 3 trauma dressings.

Just as important are the items we do not put in our kits. Items that are not within current first aid protocols. Beware of companies selling first aid kit bag still containing Hydrogen Peroxide (kills tissue & damages capillaries, grows bacteria), Alcohol wipes (also damages tissue), Butterfly bandages, these items no longer have a place in your first aid supplies. Our kits also do not contain any aspirin, as it increases bleeding.

TIP! We don't suggest using feminine hygiene pads in place of Trauma Dressings. Feminine pads absorb too much blood, they are not designed to support clotting which is necessary to control severe bleeding.

Real First Aid Kit Bag Contents:

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Real First Aid Key Benefits

  • You can now be your family's hero
  • Can handle dozens of injuries
  • Anyone can use with basic first aid skills
  • Designed by firefighter/paramedics
  • Affordable enough to buy one for home, work & school

How to use your real first aid kit (instruction card included in the kit)

Many people do not have first aid kits in their home, car or office because they just don't know how to use them. So along with this first aid kit bag, I want to share with you how to use this kit in case you have to handle a life-threatening emergency.  We now have free life saving first aid training available at onlinecprskills.com.

    1. For CPR (Download the CPR poster here) 
      • Check for breathing and unconsciousness. If not breathing, yell for help and CALL 9-1-1 Immediately then Perform CAB.
      • Compressions. Place the heel of your hand in the middle of the victim’s chest. Put your other hand on top of the first with your fingers interlaced. Compress the chest at least 2 inches. Perform 30 compressions at a rate of 100-120 pushes per minute.
      • Airway. After 30 compressions, open the victim's airway using the head tilt, chin lift method. Use the CPR mask and place on the victim’s mouth. Pinch the victim's nose and make a seal over the victim's mouth/mask with your mouth.
      • Breathing. Give the victim a breath by blowing for 1 second, just enough to make the chest rise. Remove your mouth, let the chest fall and then deliver the second breath.
      • REPEAT CYCLE 30 Compressions: 2 Breaths, continue this CPR cycle until help arrives.

    1. For Bleeding 
      • For Severe bleeding cover with 5x9 trauma dressing and hold firm direct pressure. Never remove the dressing. Call 9-1-1.
      • For minor to moderate bleeding use 4x4 gauze pads, again applying firm direct pressure for at least 3-5 minutes (no peeking).

    1. For Shock. Anyone breathing but unconscious, elevate feet 6-12 inches, cover with a Thermal Blanket, Call 9-1-1.

    1. For Burns. Apply burn gel dressing to the burned area. Secure in place with gauze roll. Leave on 2-3 hrs. and seek medical attention.
    2. Do Not Use: Ice, Butter, Mustard, etc. Only water for 10-20 min. or burn gel.

  1. For a Bone Fracture. 
    • Check for deformity, pain, swelling, check for pulse below the fracture before and after applying splint. Pad splint with gauze and secure with gauze roll.
    • Place gauze over swelling prior to applying ice pack. Leave on for a maximum of 20 min.

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