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Triangular Bandage Dressing

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The Triangular bandage is one of the most versatile first aid dressings for first aid kits. Use as sling, splinting, pressure bandage, etc. This non-sterile 36''x36''x51'' muslin comes with two safety pins.

Use of Triangular Bandage Dressing

It also has almost as many uses as it has names. A Bandage, Dressing, Cravat, Swathe or Sling, As a Sling it would be used to support an injured limb or extremity. You could also use a Triangular dressing to secure a splint for the same limb for stabilization. As a pressure dressing the triangular bandage would be used to secure another sterile dressing in place once the bleeding been controlled.

Of course you could create pressure dressings to control the bleeding of several victims at one time allowing you to handle an otherwise uncontrollable emergency. As a Swathe the triangular bandage is used to secure the slinged arm to the body. Buy in boxes of a 12 count for savings.

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