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POGO Gas Shutoff Wrench/Pry Bar.

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This specially designed Emergency Tool is called POGO (pry off, gas off). This Prybar-Gas Shut Off Wrench was made for Light Urban Search and Rescue (CERT) teams and homeowners. This one of a kind tool performs double duty as a Prybar and Gas Shut off tool. A great addition to CERT backpacks and Grab and Go Bags. Community Emergency Response Teams now can pry open doors and shut off gas meters during their search and rescue operations.

It's strong, lightweight and fits nicely in your hand as you navigate any rescue situation. The POGO bar features Strong, lightweight construction from manganese steel. Integrated shut-off valve notches for quick and easy gas utility shutoff. Durable high visibility bright orange powder coating. Well, ground pry tangs for easier prying in tight door frames, on doors which can become easily stuck in an earthquake.

For the Homeowner, store the POGO in your emergency kit in the master bedroom. In the event of an earthquake during the night you will need a pry bar to pry open doors that become jammed. A pry bar gives you the easy mechanical advantage to quickly rescue other family members.

Once safely outside, use the tool again as you do your exterior survey of your house for damage and gas leaks. Don't rely on just the smell of gas to determine if you have a leak. Remember gas lines run through your walls and attic to all your gas appliances. If you have a leak, it may go undetected if you only rely on smell.

TIP! Check for leaks by viewing your gas meter dials with a glow stick. If you have turned off all your gas appliances and the dials are still turning, you have a leak. Turn the valve a quarter turn or till it is crosswise on the pipe.

POGO Key Features

  • Safety orange
  • Heavy duty
  • Doubles as a pry bar
  • Sharp tangs can be used on glass and drywall

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