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School Lockdown Procedures For Intruders

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

In the recent events of mass shootings in schools, all staff and students should be informed and trained of what to do in an emergency.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has created a very informative video to help people answer the question “What would you do?” in the event of a sudden attack by a gunman while at work, at school, or in public.

Safety Procedures For School Lockdown

School Safety Drills can be scary and you might feel threatened, but it’s very important that each individual knows what do when an emergency occurs. When the school announces school lockdown. You should quietly hide immediately and follow all instructions from a teacher or administrator. And everyone must remain silent, out of sight, with the lights off, and behind locked doors.

If you are inside a room, close all windows, put the blinds down and turn off the lights. This way, it will make the room seem empty from the outside.

If you are outside, try to find a place where no one can see you. Closest, windowless rooms, and cubicles are all good places.

Check out our School Earthquake Preparedness Guide and Checklist, I've put together all the important things that matter to a school and help you to create a real world plan and response to an emergency. 

Do not talk or make any noise and movements. Stay off and silence your cellphone, or even better, turn it off.

Stay where you are until someone comes around and unlocks the door for you. Do not open the door for anyone.

Stay calm and do not cry. Do not trust anyone you don’t know (except police, fire-fighters, detectives or anyone else in authority)

Come out of hiding when the CORRECT ‘All Clear’ code is received. This code will be different from school to school. Do not come out of hiding if the all clear message is incorrect. This could mean that the offender could be making your principal or administrator say it to trick you into coming out of hiding.

Talking to children about disaster preparedness

School lockdown drills may cause emotional discomfort to some children. So talking to your children about disaster preparedness is important, ask them what they feel about the drills and try to help them to cope and be prepared instead of scared.


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