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School Break: The Perfect Time to Plan for Earthquake Preparedness

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

As the school break approaches, it's the perfect time to take a step back and focus on something critically important – earthquake preparedness. Ensuring that your school is ready to handle an earthquake can make all the difference in protecting the lives of students and staff. At Disaster Survival Skills, we've developed a comprehensive School Earthquake Preparedness Guide to help you create an effective emergency plan tailored specifically for schools.

Why Earthquake Preparedness is Crucial

When a major earthquake strikes during school hours, the decisions made in the first 60 minutes are vital. This guide provides you with the confidence to make the right choices quickly, ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone on campus. Unlike generic disaster preparedness resources, our guide offers specific information developed over 28 years of working with schools.


What You’ll Find in the Guide

Our School Earthquake Preparedness Guide includes easy-to-follow checklists and detailed information for various emergency roles within your school:

  • Evacuation routes and locations
  • Emergency response team structures
  • Training for essential skills like "Drop, Cover, & Hold On"
  • Supplies needed for different teams and classrooms

By focusing on one group each week, you can systematically prepare your staff for their specific roles. This thorough preparation ensures that when an earthquake occurs, your team knows exactly what to do.

Free CPR and First Aid Training

In addition to our preparedness guide, we offer a free CPR and First Aid training course. As a firefighter for 33 years, I’ve seen firsthand how critical these skills are. That’s why we made our online CPR course available for free to everyone. These life-saving skills are simple to learn and can make a significant difference in an emergency situation.

Take the free CPR course now: Free Online CPR Course

Start Planning Today

Utilize this school break to review and update your emergency plans. Bookmark our guide page and revisit it regularly to ensure you are covering all aspects of earthquake preparedness.

Your role in ensuring the safety of your students is paramount. By preparing now, you are taking a crucial step in protecting lives and fostering a safer school environment. Remember, preparedness is not just about having a plan – it’s about having the right plan that is well-practiced and understood by everyone involved.

Take action today by exploring our School Earthquake Preparedness Guide and equip your school with the knowledge and tools needed to handle an earthquake effectively.

Free Emergency Preparedness Posters for Schools:

Access a comprehensive range of free safety posters to enhance your school's emergency protocols. From CPR to fire extinguisher usage, ensure your school is always prepared.


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