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National Stop the Bleed Month: What You Should Know

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

National Stop the Bleed Month


Loss of too much blood can cause death in as little as 3-5 minutes, which is why everyone should know how to stop bleeding.

The good news is, controlling bleeding is simple: just plug the hole. Watch the video below:


Severe bleeding is exactly what it sounds like, it’s any major bleeding suspected to be coming from an artery, or a combination of large veins (typically found in the arms, legs and neck, when blood is ‘spurting’).

How to stop bleeding

Hold firm applying direct pressure over the wound.

Use sterile gauze pads.

Use Tourniquet.

Use vinyl gloves for protection.

Remember: DO NOT PEEK.

A little known fact: With severe bleeding, you have to stop the bleeding BEFORE calling 9-1-1. If there are two bystanders present, one person can call 9-1-1 while the other stops the bleed.

 How to stop bleeding

Credit to NationalBleedingDay.com: Download the PDF version for the poster at their website here.

3 Life-threatening Condition

Severe bleeding is one of the 3 life-threatening conditions that you can die from. Sign up for our free online life-saving skills training here.


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