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Best Long-Term Water Storage Solutions: A Guide to Reliable and Safe Practices

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best practices for long-term water storage—an important part of emergency preparedness. Contrary to popular belief, water quality can deteriorate over time when exposed to environmental factors such as light, heat, and air, which can introduce bacteria.

In this guide, we'll debunk common misconceptions, provide expert tips on proper water storage, and introduce our top product recommendations for ensuring your water supply remains safe and pure for years to come.

Understanding Water Storage Challenges

While the convenience of store-bought water containers is undeniable, their permeable plastic design can jeopardize the water's purity by allowing bacteria and other contaminants to infiltrate.

Best Practices for Long-Term Water Storage

To guarantee the safety and longevity of your stored water, avoid these common pitfalls:

  1. Never Reuse Bleach Bottles: These containers are not suitable for potable water and can leach harmful chemicals over time.
  2. Avoiding Glass Containers: Despite being impermeable, glass is fragile and fails to block light effectively.
  3. Steer Clear of Used Barrels: Previously utilized for storing food concentrates, these barrels cannot be reliably sanitized for water storage.

Complete Guide on How To Store Water Long Term

Optimal Water Storage Solutions

For secure water storage, consider the following solutions:

  • Use Appropriate Containers: Invest in a 55-gallon blue water storage barrel. It’s designed for food and water storage, is opaque, and can be sealed airtight.
  • Purify Before Storing: All water contains bacteria, but our recommended Water Preserver, an EPA-approved chlorine-based solution, is designed to purify your water without the harmful byproducts found in bleach.

Introducing Our Water Storage Solutions

Water Preserver™ Concentrate: A unique product recognized by U.S. and state EPAs for 5-year water storage. It has undergone over 12 years of testing to prove its effectiveness. This proprietary formula prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms for five years. It's designed to annihilate organisms that cause diseases like typhoid and dysentery, as well as prevent the growth of yeast, mold, fungi, and algae.

Emergency Water Barrel Package: This economical package includes a sturdy 55-gallon Water Storage Barrel along with a versatile Water Barrel Hand Pump, adjustable for 4 or 8 oz. per stroke. The pump’s extendable tubes ensure you can access all the stored water effortlessly. Included in the package is the Water Preserver treatment for a guaranteed five-year storage lifespan, creating sterile water that's safe to drink. For easy opening and airtight sealing, a Bung Wrench is also provided.

    Maintaining Your Stored Water Safely

    With our Water Preserver™, your water can remain in pristine condition for up to 5 years. When it's time to refresh your supply, simply use the water, refill with fresh tap water, and re-treat with Water Preserver™.

    An Important Note

    Bleach is not a safe or economical method for long-term water storage. It is classified as a pesticide by the EPA and can contaminate your water supply with harmful substances.

    For more information on our economical long-term water storage solutions, and to purchase the Water Preserver and Emergency Water Barrel Package, visit the following links: Water Preserver and Water Barrel Package.

    Follow these expert tips to ensure your emergency water reserves remain safe, drinkable, and economically viable when you most need them.



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