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Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall and Free Replacement

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

The Kidde fire extinguisher recall  announcement involves millions of their fire extinguishers sold in the United States. There have been hundreds of  problems with them becoming clogged preventing their use in a fire. There is also a problem with the nozzle becoming a projectile and injuring someone. There have been hundreds of reports of failure during the use of the Kidde fire extinguisher.

If you have purchased a Kidde fire extinguisher with a plastic handle between January 1973 and August 15th, 2017, Kidde will replace your extinguisher for free. These extinguishers have been sold at Montgomery Wards, Sears, Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon and other hardware stores nationwide. They have been placed on commercial trucks, recreational vehicles, boats and personal watercraft.

Check your extinguisher today to see if you are at risk. You will need the model number, serial number and date code (no date code prior to 2007) prior to calling their toll free number, 855-271-0773. You can also get more info at www.kidde.com on the safety recall.

For more info on fire extinguisher use check out our video and free fire extinguisher use poster at http://www.disastersurvivalskills.com/choosing-fire-extinguisher-home-class-size-use/


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