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How You Can Help Your Community When An Earthquake or Disaster Strikes

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

I’m glad that you are reading this, not everyone is interested in helping other people. But there are still people (like you) who are interested in expanding their support not only to their family but also to others.

You might be thinking of joining a CERT Team or organizing a neighborhood group to help each other, well you can, and should do all that. But I believe the simplest way for you to help others is if you are prepared yourself.

And preparing for yourself is not something you should be doing during a disaster. A disaster is a time for responding.

When someone is bleeding severely, you should know how to respond at the moment when it’s needed. Sure you can go to YouTube to watch a video on bleeding control, but your victim could also bleed out in the same amount of time it takes to watch a 3 minute video.

I know, there’s a lot to learn and do to get prepared, but I have prepared something for you to make it easier than ever.

I have created a simple to use Calculator that outlines everything you need, and in what order, so you can prioritize as you prepare.

Generate your customized report for your family disaster preparedness here.

It contains all the supplies and skills that you need to survive.

If you have the supplies and skills, then you can apply this to help other people. If you know how to manage life-threatening injuries, then you can volunteer to help victims who needed it. If you have your own disaster kit, you can share this with your neighbor.

If you follow the steps in the Family Disaster Preparedness Calculator, you’ll have all the supplies to create a strong foundation that your family needs and you can share this with your community.



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