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How to purify questionable drinking water – without using bleach

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

How to purify questionable drinking water – without using bleach

The most popular method of purifying water on the internet is using bleach, but you are so smart that you came to this website because using bleach to purify water is not safe.

Bleach can kill bacteria in water – that’s a fact, but there’s a lot more than just bacteria lurking in your water.

These are 3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Bleach To Purify Water

  1. Short shelf life before losing its potency to kill bacteria.
  2. When adding bleach for the purpose of killing bacteria and viruses you may be unwittingly be adding other impurities like arsenic and mercury that are very harmful to your family.
  3. Bleach is not portable, not practical and not safe to carry with you.

How to safely purify questionable drinking water without using bleach!

how to purify water without using bleach

Water Bottle Filter. It solves all the above problems with bleach. It has a lifetime shelf life, and it will purify 100 gallons of questionable water. It will remove all types of viral, bacterial and chemical contaminants and it’s portable. You can take it anywhere, in your car, home or work. It’s also simple to use! Boiling water will also kill bacteria, but this also

Boiling water will also kill bacteria, but this also  does not purify the water, neither will remove contaminants or debris or impurities.

You need a solution that will solve all the potential problems and not add to your stress in a disaster. In my disaster workshops, I often question folks how much bleach should add to each quart of questionable water. Over 90% do not know the correct formula or even store an eyedropper at home or work or in their car.

Before using the bleach you have to check it’s potency, Then you add the correct amount and then you have to wait before drinking. And hope the bleach is doing its job. But the water isn’t even clean, you must still develop a system to filter it. And even that won’t remove these chemicals ; Chemicals (VOC’S) such as DDT, MTBE, Benzene, Chloroforms (THMS); and Dissolved Solids (Heavy metals) such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum and Chromium 6.  All this to a get drink of safe water.

That is what getting prepared is. Finding economical solutions to real problems in advance. So you don’t become a victim, you become a survivor.

For family preparedness, you can get your family a Water Storage package and watch the video here on how to store water long term.


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