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Post Earthquake Safety: How To Prevent Fire After an Earthquake

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

Today, I want to share some simple tips about preventing fires after an earthquake. Earthquakes can be scary, but being prepared can make a big difference. Following an earthquake, gas leaks are a major cause of fires.

Everyone in the family should know where the gas meter is and how to shut it off in an emergency. So here are simple tips to keep you and your family safe.

Here's What to Do After an Earthquake to Keep Your Family Safe:

  1. Check if Anyone is Hurt: First things first, make sure everyone in your family is okay and doesn’t have any serious injuries.
  2. Leave Your House Safely: If it's safe to do so, get everyone outside to avoid dangers from aftershocks.
  3. Look for Damage: Check your house for any damage, especially to the structure, which could make it unsafe.
  4. Check Your Gas Meter: Gas leaks can lead to fires. Everyone in your family should know where the gas meter is and how to turn it off. If you smell gas or hear a hissing noise, it's important to shut it off right away to prevent fires.

Safety Tip!: At night time, use light sticks instead of candles, this is because candles can start a fire, especially if there are gas leaks. Also, keep a wrench handy near your gas meter so you can turn it off quickly if you need to.

Having a “Family Earthquake Survival Kit” is also a great idea. This kit should have everything you need to stay safe for a few days after an earthquake. It's not just about having the kit, though; you should also know how to use everything in it.

Staying safe after an earthquake is all about being prepared and knowing what to do. These tips can help you and your family stay safe from fires and other dangers after an earthquake. Remember, being ready can make all the difference. 


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