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Holiday safety reminders and tips for you to be safe during the holidays

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

Holiday safety reminders and tips for you to be safe during the holidays

Did you know that Thanksgiving holds the title of most dangerous U.S. holiday? Yes it is, with an average of 567 fatalities per thanksgiving per year since 1982. So, since it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, while we all have our reasons to be thankful, we also need to mindful to be safe during the holidays, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, or just any celebration.

So here are a few reminders and tips for you to keep in mind for Holiday Safety

If you’re the one hosting the feast for the holiday, there are lots of things to take into account.

  • Holiday Safety in cooking. Keep an eye on what you fry! Most cooking fires start when someone is frying food. And if this happens, make sure you watch this video on how to put down a fire.
  • Keep an eye for your guests. While you want your guests to enjoy your party, it’s also important to keep them responsible. Keep an eye out for anyone who may be drinking too much, and either provide them with a place to stay or a way to get home with a designated driver.

If you’re planning to travel or visit family or friends, here are few tips for you.

  • Bring extra things in your car like a first aid kit, a flashlight, travel food, and a spare charger for your phones or tablets. These could come in quite handy in case of any kind of weather or delay in travel.
  • Don’t’ drink and drive. If you know that you can’t avoid drinking then you should avoid driving. Have a designated driver or have Uber or cab numbers on hand instead of risking your life.
  • Lastly, if possible, don’t travel between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m., this is the time when drunk driving accidents are most likely to happen, according to research from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Being mindful and prepared is valuing the things that we are thankful for; our home, family, friends, and loved ones, which is the sense of these holidays.  So, keep safe this holiday season.

How about you? What is your plan this holiday and what have you prepared?

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