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Heroic Deeds of School Staff and Teachers Saving Students Life

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

Here are just a few of the teachers and school staff who were able to save students using their life-saving skills. Basic life saving skills can make all the difference in the world in an emergency. Learn CPR and First Aid today.

Hanover elementary school teacher, Jill Gagnon

Jill Gagnon, a Center School ABA Tutor at Hanover elementary school performed the Heimlich maneuver and with just two or three thrusts, she was able to dislodge the piece of apple from Aaron’s airway. (Read full story here)

Greece Athena Security Guard, Robin Cooper

Robin Cooper, a security guard at Greece Athena High School saved a student from choking using Heimlich maneuver. The whole life-saving move lasted only a few seconds. (Read full story here)

Sabattus Primary School teacher, Breanne Napolitano

Breanne Napolitano is considered a hero after she jumped into action when she noticed her first-grade student choking during snack time. (Read full story here)

Learn Heimlich Maneuver

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