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Flashlights for Disaster Preparedness

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

It’s that time again with spring upon us and Daylight Savings time requiring us to adjust our clocks. It is also a perfect reminder to change those batteries in our smoke detectors and flashlights.

My recent appearance on KMIR 6 NBC affiliate in Palm Springs was a great opportunity to share some tips about flashlights and batteries when it comes to home preparedness.

Tip #1. Store batteries in your flashlights, so they are ready to in an emergency. You don’t want to be fumbling in the dark in a crisis. Who needs that stress?

Tip #2. Replace those batteries when Daylight Savings time rolls around, because they will drain slowly while stored in the flashlight.

Tip #3. Always store extra batteries still in the packaging as a back up. These will store for years at room temperature. Rumor has it that batteries will last longer in the refridgerator, not true. Extreme heat does hurt batteries, but cooling below room temperature does not extend their shelf life.

Tip #4. Store flashlights throughout your home and don’t forget your cars. You should always have a flashlight in your Car Survival Kit. During the summer, batteries should be changed more frequently.

Tip #5. Consider Crank Dynamo Flashlights/Radios as a great alternative to batteries. Always ready to go. Only 1 minute of cranking provides you with 30 minutes of light. We have replaced the typical type of flashlight with a Dynamo Flashlight in our Car Survival Kits.

As with all your preparedness supplies, be sure to test and check that everything is working and ready to go.


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