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Emergency Lockdown: How Prepared is Your Classroom? Introducing the Classroom Emergency Lock Down Kit

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

In our rapidly changing world, preparedness has become a watchword for educators. We're no longer just teaching curriculum; we're responsible for the safety and wellbeing of our students in all circumstances. This includes potential emergencies. Two key tools to help us in this mission are the Classroom Emergency Lock Down Kit from Disaster Survival Skills and the Free Disaster Survival Calculator for Schools.

What is the Classroom Emergency Lock Down Kit?


The Classroom Emergency Lock Down Kit is a comprehensive collection of essential items when a school is forced to shelter in place. It is designed to sustain up to 30 students during an emergency lockdown scenario. It includes food and water supplies, sanitation necessities, first-aid tools, and comfort items, all packed into a durable backpack.


Another option in place of the backpack, supplies are packed into a bucket with toilet seat. Creating a porta potty in the classroom. This kit not only addresses survival but also aims at creating a safe environment that ensures comfort and reduces panic among students.


Why Your Classroom Needs One

During a lockdown situation, time is critical. With the Classroom Emergency Lock Down Kit, you have immediate access to necessary resources, allowing you to focus on maintaining calm and order among your students. The value of this kit lies in its ability to provide peace of mind, knowing that you're prepared to handle an emergency.

Introducing the Free Disaster Survival Calculator for Schools

Preparedness begins with understanding your needs. To help with this, we've introduced the Free Disaster Survival Calculator for Schools. This easy-to-use online tool helps schools evaluate their preparedness levels for various emergency situations.

Simply enter your school's specific details, such as the number of students, staff, and the desired days of self-sustainability. The calculator then generates a detailed list of recommended supplies and resources.

Here's how you can use the calculator:

  1. Visit the Disaster Survival Calculator page
  2. Input your school's specifics.
  3. Click 'Calculate'.
  4. Review the results and make necessary preparations.

As educators, it is our duty to create a safe, nurturing environment that promotes learning and growth for our students. Equipping your classroom with an Emergency Lock Down Kit and using the Free Disaster Survival Calculator to assess your school's preparedness are significant steps towards fulfilling this responsibility.

To learn more or purchase the Classroom Emergency Lock Down Kit, visit this link: Classroom Emergency Lock Down Kit

Remember, in an emergency, it's not the situation but our readiness that defines the outcome. Stay prepared. Stay safe.

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