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Don’t let fire ruin your Thanksgiving: Here are some Safety Tips

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

There are more home fires on Thanksgiving than any other day in the U.S. and the day before Thanksgiving is the second-leading day for home cooking fires according to the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) latest “Home Fires Involving Cooking Equipment” report. Between 2011 and 2015, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 170,200 home fires annually that involved cooking equipment. So here is how to play it safe and still have a great day.

So here are some safety tips for you, especially if you’re the one in charge of hosting your Thanksgiving.

  • Stay in the kitchen when cooking, especially when frying or sauteing.

TIP: If you must go and attend something else quickly, take your spatula to remind you to go back to the kitchen. Keep packages, oven mitts, towels away from the open flame on the stove. Turn all your pot handles toward the back of the stove, away from young children.


  • Use a timer, especially for meals that take longer time like roasting a turkey, baking or simmering. Kitchen timers are great, but your phone will do the job.

TIP: Set the phones volume on high so that you can hear the timer over music, football games, and party chatter.


  • The usual reminders: Keep things that can catch fire away from the stove, like oven mitts, wooden utensils, food wrappers, and this includes children.

TIP: Keep small children in another room to avoid a devastating accident.


  • Consider ordering a fried turkey from your local grocery stores, specialty food retailers and restaurants instead of frying your own turkey. If you are going to fry your turkey, use a fryer with a thermostat. Make sure the turkey is completely thawed out before dropping into hot oil. Always use a fryer outside.NFPA discourages the use of turkey fryers as they can lead to devastating burns, other injuries, and the destruction of property due to the extensive amount of hot oil used with fryers. But if you really prefer frying your turkey, then keep the fryer away from wooden deck or garage.

  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and learn how to use it.

Watch this video on How To Use A Fire Extinguisher:

    Hope this helps! Please share it with your friends so you won’t be the only one being mindful of fire safety.


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