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Safe and Bright: Your Guide to Preventing Holiday Fire Hazards

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

As the holiday season rolls in, homes light up with festive cheer. However, it's crucial to remember that Christmas trees can become fire hazards, responsible for 1 in every 4 winter fires in the U.S. when placed too close to heat sources. Keep your loved ones safe with these fire safety tips.

Fire Safety Reminders

1. Position your tree at least 3 feet from fireplaces, radiators, and heaters.

Fire Safety Tips for Your Christmas Tree

  • Water your tree daily to prevent it from drying out and becoming flammable.
  • Use the appropriate lights for indoor or outdoor settings and replace any with damaged cords or loose connections.
  • Opt for flame-resistant or retardant decorations.
  • Keep candles at a safe distance from flammable objects and never leave them unattended. Better yet, use flameless candles for the same festive glow without the risk.

Fire Safety Tips in your Kitchen

  • Avoid cooking if you're sleepy or have consumed alcohol.
  • Always supervise frying, grilling, or broiling, and use a timer as a reminder when baking or roasting.
  • Keep combustible materials like towels and wooden utensils away from the stovetop.
  • Ensure children and pets are a safe distance from hot surfaces.
  • Turn pot handles inward to prevent accidents, and clear the area around the stove of anything that could catch fire.

    The winter holidays are a time for families and friends to get together, even with new or reinstated restrictions due to COVID, we still want to continue our traditions. Have safe celebrations.


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