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California Bans Chemicals used in Chinese Glow Lights

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

November 1, 2007 WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA – Cyalume Technologies, the world leader in special purpose light, said its SnapLights and ChemLights are made in the U.S. and contain none of the chemicals that have been banned by federal and state regulators in California. The company made its reassuring statement amidst growing concern about Chinese-made glow sticks. Chinese products contain dibutyl phthalates – a chemical that has been banned from California and has been linked to cancer and reproductive defects.

California Bans Chemicals used in Chinese Glow Lights


“We only use the safest materials in our SnapLights and Chemlights. Our products are lab tested and proven to be entirely safe. In fact, our products can be used by children,” said Emil Jachmann, Cyalume Technologies President and CEO. “We have the highest standards of quality and safety and do not contain any of the banned chemicals that are used in glow sticks from China,” said Jachmann.

Cyalume Technologies products have earned the highest levels of certification possible from the United States Coast Guard and United States Military. The company is the sole provider of ChemLights to the US military and NATO. Firefighters, police and the American Red Cross also use Cyalume products because of the company’s reputation for quality and excellence.

“Our products have passed federal review and have been deemed completely safe by the Environmental Protection Agency. We’re proud that our products not only meet the strictest safety standards – but give people safe, reliable emergency light – and that saves lives,” said Jachmann.

“We have noticed a significant quality difference between American Light Sticks and the imports. The light is considerably brighter and glows much longer. Disaster Survival Skills, LLC only uses American Made light sticks in their Kits. We have a strong committment to using American Made products whenever possible”.


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