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Brand New: Family Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Calculator

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

Brand New: Family Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Calculator

WARNING: This tool is NO ordinary calculator.

I have a simple and unique philosophy when it comes to getting prepared. This comes from 30 plus years in the emergency business. I know from being a firefighter, we are all going to experience an emergency in our daily lives. This could be a fire in your kitchen, someone getting burned, someone choking, etc. I’ve seen a lot over 30 years, so I have got a good idea of what kind of emergencies you might run into in your day to day life.  So I believe if you prepare to handle all the day to day emergencies that could come your way, you will inherently be prepared for the Big One. If you can handle a serious first aid issue, or a broken water line, extinguish a small garage fire, etc. You will be prepared for most anything that comes your way.

So here’s what I have discovered. You can’t do it all at once. But you can set goals and plan for your family’s preparedness in steps. The first step is to set priorities. In other words, what is the first thing you should buy. And the second, third, etc. and so on. The speed at which you get prepared is determined by time and money.  But what exactly are the priorities? Well, that’s where I come in. My brand new Family Disaster Preparedness Calculator will not only tell what to buy first, but also how much of each item you need. And I will even tell you how to use your supplies.

I have been in the emergency business for over 30 as a practitioner and a trainer.  So I won’t recommend things I haven’t used myself in my calculator. These are all practical items that you must have in place to avoid becoming a victim in an emergency. We also provide links within the report to videos and blog content to teach you how to use some of the important life saving items so you become a survivor. This is the only preparedness calculator that I am aware that gives you this much information.

Of course, everybody knows you need to get a first aid kit. What they don’t realize is that most first aid kits are very inadequate for a real emergency. If you check the inventory on the kit, you will realize they are 80% band-aids and wipes. This is probably because most people selling first aid kits have never even performed first aid.  Websites will tell you to store water, but they won’t tell exactly how much for your family or pets, They certainly won’t show you how to safely store water for long term and what mistakes to avoid. Most sites are still promoting bleach as the best option.  .

They will tell to get non-perishable foods, but in reality, you need to consume the food in your fridge, so you need to have an alternative cooking method and then you can have emergency food bars as your last resort. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

Some prepper websites are teaching you to get prepared by learning how to create a fire from a stone. Do you know how hard that is? By the way it is much easier and practical to buy and store stormproof matches as part of your plan. And there are extreme preppers who are getting prepared for the end of the world scenario, the Apocalypse, and even Zombie Attacks. There’s a much more likely chance that you will experience choking, wounds, burns, car accidents, and other emergencies that we are seeing happening right now, every day. And natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes are more realistic events that we should be preparing for..

No wonder folks aren’t getting prepared. The information out there is overwhelming.

“Okay, I get what you are saying, so what should I do? How can I prepare for my family? “

It’s simple, just complete the calculator by answering  3 questions. It takes only seconds to get your report.

You just have to enter the number of people in your family and the tool will generate a report with all supplies you need and computes how much you do need. It covers first aid, food, water, lighting, shelter, and sanitation. It also provides pets and car preparation. I’ve even included videos for instruction in how to use your supplies.

I don’t expect you to complete all of these items in one day, so I listed your supplies in the order of importance, so you can just do what you can today.

Here’s the link to generate your report. https://disastersurvivalcalculator.com/family/

Remember, this tool with others to help them get prepared as well. Share this with your friends on Facebook and take action now.

Let’s make this year – a year to get prepared.


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