For Each Classroom

We’ve provided you with 3 options here:

  1. The Classroom Emergency Backpack includes supplies that each classroom needs for a quick evacuation in case of an earthquake. The teacher will grab this backpack as they assist the class to the evacuation area.
  2. The Classroom Lock Down Bucket can be customized to include supplies that can accommodate the class with food, water, and medica are stored in a 5-gallon storage bucket that comes with a lid that doubles as a toilet seat (in case a student needs to “go” in the event of a school lock down).
  3. The Classroom Emergency Kit includes food, water and first aid for each child.

How much do you need?

Simple. You just need to get one for each classroom or in the case of the Classroom Emergency Kit, you would get one for each child.

For The Whole School

After working with hundreds of schools over the past 3 decades, we designed disaster preparedness kits that would be able to meet the standard requirements of your school plan.

However, for most schools, the budget is a primary consideration. Don't waste your budget on supplies that no one knows how to use. So, I highly recommend that you get your staff trained first, and so your supplies will support their skills.

Below are some supplies we suggest for your school.

How much do you need?

Simple. (Well, it's not simple - but we made it simple). Use our school calculator to compute how much you need of each item. It's very detailed and specific, it covers why you need the items and how to use them.  And best of all, what supplies you should get first, by order of importance.


These are the top priority supplies that your school must have. Simply because in a disaster, we'll be expecting some injuries. And when someone gets injured, you've got to treat them first.

A person won't be needing water, food, and sanitation immediately after an earthquake. But if a person is injured, they need to be treated immediately.

Note: We recommend that your staff receive disaster response training.


All of these kits contents can be customized to fit your needs. Please call 1-888-705-2184 for your inquiries.