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Water Purification Tablets

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Simply drop in 2 tablets into questionable drinking water. Water Purification tablets will quickly kill bacteria and diseases including E-coli, bacillus, fungus and most microorganisms.

Water Purification Tablets will treat questionable water the day of the earthquake or your emergency. If you don't have Water Purification Tablets then be prepared to either boil water over an open flame or add bleach (not a good idea). Boiling water is effective, but not efficient. You must heat the water and then boil at a roll for at least 5 minutes. That takes fuel, flame, pot and stove. All of which you need to be saving for cooking food. Bleach is a highly promoted option, but not a good one. Bleach is listed as a pesticide by the EPA and contains mercury and arsenic and other contaminants. And nobody ever measures it right when adding bleach to their drinking water which can become dangerous.

There is a safer option other than bleach in a disaster. That option is to treat your water with Water Purification Tablets. Since there are 50 tablets in a bottle and two tablets will treat 1 quart of water, you will be able to treat 25 quarts of questionable water. If the water is dirty or you should filter first through cloth or a coffee filter to remove debris. Water Purification tablets will quickly kill bacteria and diseases including E-coli, bacillus, fungus and most microorganisms. Water tablets can control the viruses that can cause hepatitis, diarrhea and other harmful diseases.


  • Only kills bacteria, does not kill all viruses or remove hazardous chemicals
  • Contains iodine, which some people may be allergic to
  • Shelf life is 4 years if bottle is unopened, 1 year if bottle has been opened
  • You must wait 35 minutes before drinking water
  • Some persons complain it alters the taste
Simply drop in 2 tablets in your drinking water. The Water Purification Tablets dissolve quickly to purify. The tablets have a 4 year shelf life if the bottle remains unopened. Once opened, the water purification tablets have a one year shelf life. Tablets should be a grayish/brown in color. They are no good if they are a yellowish/green color.

TIP! After adding water to container, let set for 5 minutes, then apply lid or cap to bottle/container loosely. Shake bottle for a couple of minutes allowing a slight amount of treated water to escape and coat the threads of the container to kill any contaminants, where you will later put your mouth. Let set for another 30 minutes before drinking.

.Water Purification Tablets cannot not only be a lifesaver in disasters like earthquakes and flood waters, but even while camping and hiking, when clean water sources are unavailable or unknown. Don't travel without the ability to make clean, healthy, safe water for you and your family.

Key Features of Water Purification Tablets

  • Simple to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Long shelf life
  • Effective against all types of microorganisms
  • Extremely portable

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