Individual Emergency Supplies

These supplies are for your own personal preparedness, in your office desk, car, house or apartment.

For your car, you would want to choose the Car Survival Kit and the Car Window Breaker/Seat Belt Cutter. Because we take our cars everywhere you should always be protected with life-saving first aid supplies, food, and water that stores for 5 years and is not affected by the heat.  It also includes flashlight and light stick. The Car Window Breaker is a great tool in case you become trapped in your following an accident. Just tapped the glass with the tempered steel tip and your free.

The portable Water Filter Bottle comes  in handy for purifying questionable drinking water by removing bacteria, viruses and chemicals.

The Real First Aid kit contents are the best quality items that you will find on the market. It has the same contents as firefighters have in their kits. You can safely perform CPR, control Severe Bleeding, treat Shock, treat serious Burns, stabilize Broken Bones, along with minor first aid emergencies. It also includes an easy to follow first aid instruction card designed by Captain Wayne Bennett (Ret.).

Family Survival Supplies

Notice For Teachers and School Staffs: Did you know, you could be required to stay at the school for 3 days in a case of a disaster?

So, how about your own family? Are they ready to handle first aid injuries, gas emergencies, no water, no electricity and  fire all in your absence?  Check out Preparedness Calculator to help you get prepared.

If you haven't generated your report in our family disaster preparedness, please click here. The report will give you a better idea of what information, skills, and supplies you need for your family.

All of these kits contents can be customized to fit your needs.