Emergency Response Team

Search & Rescue and emergency response require tools to get the job done quickly. We provide all the emergency equipment to outfit and customize your bag or pack. From pry bars and utility shut off tools to medical first aid supplies. The majority of our supplies have been field tested by professional firefighters. Backpacks and gear bags are in green and come with the CERT logo. On Duty 4 in 1 gas and water shutoff tool. Works great for shutting off residential and commercial gas valves. It is the non-sparking and very heavy duty and American Made. You can also use it as shutoff tool for the water meter, one end fits perfectly into the slot on the lid to the water meter box. It also works as a pry bar, although you are somewhat limited with leverage. POGO (Pry Off Gas Off). This tool is a Chinese import but is made of a better quality metal than your typical hardware store pry bar. This 15″ pry bar provides the leverage you may need and performs double duty as a gas shutoff tool.

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