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Disaster Survival Skills awarded a spot on “Top 100 Survival Blogs Every Prepper Must Follow”

Posted by Wayne Bennett on

Disaster Survival Skills awarded a spot on “Top 100 Survival Blogs Every Prepper Must Follow”

If you’ve been following Disaster Survival Skills for more than a year now, you may have noticed that I made a lot of changes to the online side of my business. In June 2016, on the 25th Anniversary of Disaster Survival Skills, I made a decision to let go of my fear, get out of my comfort zone and embrace the online challenge. I had to, I love teaching people face to face but it is very limiting. I want to reach more people. Also, being on the road for the last 25 years has got me to realize that I’m not getting any younger!  I know hard to believe.  And the only practical way for me to expand my reach and continue teaching without getting on the road is through online.

So I have made a complete revamp to the website, created freeonline courses, startedfilming videos in youtube, made free posters, got more consistent in my blog posting and have been active in facebook, twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And for the last 5 months, I have received a great response to my website design, by the way of increased traffic and sales growth. Our reach is growing and being shared across the different online platforms.

Recently, I received an email that my blog has been selected for the Top 100Survival Blogs.

I’m not even near the top #1 spot, but it only means that there’s room for improvement and that we are on the right track. So I want to thank you. Thank you for reading this post, for opening my emails, watching my videos and sharing my posts. It’s all because of you, that I push myself to make better content, to continue teach as many people as possible how to save lives and survive.

In the next few months, I really want to make my training (Disaster Response Training, Disaster First Aid Training, SEMS, CPR, AED & First Aid Training)  available online. What do you think of this leap? Will you support me with my online courses? Leave your comments below and let me know what else can I do, to serve you better.


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