School Disaster Plan

School Earthquake Preparedness Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

If a large earthquake strikes during school hours, it could be a disaster. BUT… if your school prepares in advance it can prevent an emergency situation from going from bad to worse. With advanced preparation, you will be able to respond to the situation with confidence and effectiveness. Questions like, what teams should the site […]

Why should one turn off gas and electricity supply after an earthquake

You have probably heard that you should turn off the gas after an earthquake. This is because of the strong ground movement and it may damage your pipelines and cause a leak. And a gas leak undetected will find an ignition source. This will lead to explosion and fire. How to find gas leaks If […]

How To Compute The Ideal First Aid Supplies For Schools

Recommended Products For Schools

Recommended Products For Schools jQuery(document).ready( function($){ $("head").append( ' .title.dUVDLbtbSl h3, .title.dUVDLbtbSl h5{ } .title.dUVDLbtbSl p{ } ' ); }); Incident Command Post Kit with Triage Package VIEW PRODUCT CONTENTS FOR THE INCIDENT COMMANDER Command Post Barricade Tape, Public Information Barricade Tape, Staging Area Barricade Tape, 2-Commander Walkie-Talkies, Bull Horn, FM-Weather-Shortwave Radio with Light, National Incident [...]

1994 Northridge Earthquake: A Reminder To Get Prepared

KMIR News visited our warehouse the other day to talk about the 1994 Northridge Earthquake 24th year anniversary, and what I remembered of the disaster. It was January 17, 1994 at 4:31 a.m when a 6.7 magnitude earthquake shook Southern California, killing 57 people, injuring more than 9,000, and causing widespread damage. I can still […]

Family Emergency Supply Checklist

How To Compute The Ideal First Aid Supplies For Schools

School Disaster Preparedness Calculator

School Emergency & Earthquake Supply Calculator & Checklist When a major earthquake happens during school hours, your Emergency Response Team should be able to execute your emergency plan. So  your school staff must have the supplies and the training to carry out the plan. We have listed the items below necessary for your staff to [...]

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