Classroom Emergency Backpack

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Classroom Emergency Backpack includes:

1 Backpack, 1 Safety Vest, 1 Light stick, 1 Door wedge, 30 Water pouches, 3 Tissue packs, CPR mouth barrier, 3 Trauma dressings, 10 4×4 Gauze dressings, 3 Triangular dressings, 10 Band-aids, 3 Thermal Survival blankets, 3 pairs of Vinyl gloves, 3 Antimicrobial wipes, 10 Antiseptic wipes.


All schools should prepare with a Classroom Emergency Backpack to support school  emergencies. These include evacuations, lock down, shelter in place and earthquakes.  Our School Classroom Emergency Backpack is a great solution to meet your school needs. It is an all around kit, capable of supporting shelter in place with water, first aid, alternate lighting and CPR.

The Emergency Backpack includes an Emergency Vest for the teacher for identification. A door stop to prop open the door to enable quick evacuations. In the event of an injury to a child we have included first for the teacher. They include 3 trauma Dressings, 4×4 Gauze Pads with Triangular Dressings. These will enable the teacher to create Pressure Dressings for the control of bleeding to multiple victims. There are also 3 Thermal Blankets for shock victims. For teacher safety we have included Vinyl Gloves, Antimicrobial Wipes and a CPR mask.

Additional items like food bars for comfort or pry bars for self-rescue can really make teachers more effective by providing them with the tools necessary for evacuation in earthquakes.

 Classroom Emergency Backpack includes:

Classroom-Bag 1-CPR-Face-Shield 1-Door-Wedge Light Sticks and Glow Sticks 3-Thermal Blankets Safety Vest 3 Vinyl Gloves
3-Antimicrobial-Wipes Band Aids 3-5x9-Trauma-Dessings 10 4×4 Trauma Dressings 10-Antiseptic-Wipes Emergency Sterile Water Triangular bandages

For evacuations, Lock Downs/Shelter in Place and Earthquake preparedness, this Classroom Emergency Backpack makes the perfect solution for schools. This kit may be customized to your needs.

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