First Aid Kit Supplies

For Disaster Preparedness First Aid Kit Supplies for schools, business, and home, Disaster Survival Skills, LLC sells the best products that we have personally used in real emergencies. Buy individual or in bulk. No matter what type of natural disaster or emergency you encounter, our Earthquake and Disaster Survival Kits contain disaster first aid supplies that are currently up to date with the latest protocols in first aid care.Be very cautious of companies trying to sell you kits that contain products that have been out of first aid protocol for over 5 years. The following is a list of those items: Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol Wipes, Ammonia Inhalants, Butterfly Bandages and Syrup of Ipecac.

Here is why. Peroxide increases bacteria growth, damages tissue, slows healing. Alcohol damages tissue. Ammonia Inhalants can cause allergic reactions and difficulty breathing. Butterfly bandages can close in the bacteria to increase infection. Syrup of Ipecac induces vomiting which can be aspirated into the lungs.

Disaster Preparedness Supplies: First Aid Priority

When prioritizing your Disaster Preparedness Supplies, the priority should always be first aid. In a major disaster such as an earthquake, there is nothing more important than caring immediately for the injured. See our Disaster Preparedness Checklist.

Food can wait, water can wait. The injuries won’t. In most emergencies, serious first aid injuries present themselves immediately. You must be able to care for them at once. Remember, medical supplies should be able to treat both the serious and the minor first aid needs. Also, keep in mind, the first aid kit supplies you pack should match the level of training of the rescuers. Our Disaster First Aid Bag will support at least 150 persons at your site. Our “Real” First Aid Kit is intended for the office or classroom emergency. The Life Lite Emergency Stretchers will get them safely and quickly to the first aid area.

Emergency and Disaster first aid kit supplies for first aid and earthquake kits. Supplies that will make a difference in any emergency, no fluff, just real world supplies. From trauma dressings to EMT shears, we provide the same quality supplies the pros use. Buy individual or in bulk to build your kits. Check out our CPR/First Aid classes to update your skills.Disaster First Aid is only half of the solution. The other half is Triage. Triage is the sorting of victims into categories based on the priority of need, i.e. Immediate, Delayed, and Dead. This sorting of victims must be quick and consistent. Our Triage Algorithm Card with its flow chart on the back will allow you to make rapid assessments of the injured. The next step is to label the victims with our Triage Tags. The Triage tags tie around the neck and have quick tear off categories. Our Triage Tarps are color coded to match our Triage Tags for ease of sorting and organization.

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