School Emergency Kits

Disaster Survival Skills has put together School Emergency Kits with supplies that will make a difference in a real disaster or emergency. Practical gear and tools aimed at the employee on an emergency response team to compliment his/her level of training. No fluff or waste in our kits, but rather supplies that will support first aid and search and rescue and triage teams. All schools and businesses have a disaster and emergency plan in the event of a natural disaster or even man made. We want to make sure you have the emergency kits and supplies to carry out your plan.
One of the main components of a successful Disaster Preparedness for Schools is having proper supplies.

Disaster Supplies and School Survival Kits will provide the rescue members of your site with the tools to quickly search and rescue students and staff from buildings and get them to a disaster first aid area for triage evaluation and quick treatment. Not having supplies will prolong the rescue, put rescuers at risk and delay care to those who may need it most. Without adequate medical supplies for the care of the injured can lead to septic infections and other complications. Supplies should be matched to the level of training of the school staff and in bulk for large numbers of victims.

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