Disaster Awareness Program For Schools

Join our Disaster Awareness Program for Schools to get the latest disaster and emergency protocols for your site.are generally considered to be safe havens for children and the greatest socializing institutions after the family. However, with the recent experiences of natural disasters, in-school violence, acts of terrorism, and the threat of a pandemic flu, demonstrate the need for schools to be prepared for all-hazard crisis possibilities. We want to help your staff get prepared
All schools should have an organized and systematic emergency plan in place to reduce chaos and improve student survivability.
The problem is a lot of school plans are vague at best. They have simply been copied  from another school site with no specific details for their school or even specific directions for the staff.
Some school plans are out of date, most have not been updated yearly. 
I have seen a lot of evacuation plans that are not realistic and do not address the real issue of how to handle injured children following a disaster.
We have  prepared for you up-to-date preparedness protocols for your school to prepare teachers, students as well as parents to know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.
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